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TheDailyGrind for Mac

keep track of time spent on tasks you perform

Designed to take up as little of your time as possible managing your time to better let you focus on getting your jobs done. No more scattered stick ynotes, text documents, spreadsheets, or napkins. Just peace of mind and focus on the task at hand.

TheDailyGrind lets you add as many trackers as you need (currently limited only by vertical screen real estate), label them accordingly, and start and pause them as you see fit. You can even copy the contents of the tracker label and the time recorded to the clipboard for use elsewhere. And naturally TheDailyGrind retains your trackers across reboots.

Version 2 introduces drag-and-drop reordering; editing of hours, minutes, and settings fields; colored labels; reset timer; Alt-click label to cycle through colors; Alt-click play/pause to reset timer; Alt-click settings to delete tracker; Date created/last changed fields; Settings interface with additional functionality.